Uncle Warren on the Day Job

I forgot to blog this last month, but I listened a podcast that was directly responding to a lot of my recent discussion about day jobs and such. Warren Bluhm kindly cited me as a component in his recent coming to peace with having a day job and a separate creative life. That makes me feel good. Perhaps I’m not just spewing nonsense. Or, if I am, I was able to convince Uncle Warren to the contrary.

People seem to think my goal should be to podcast full-time. I don’t see any reason why podcasting full-time would be better than any other similarly pleasant job. When you have enough wealth accumulated to not require a day job, that is one thing. Shy of that, taking my avocation and forcing me to have to do it whether I want to or not to keep the bills paid doesn’t seem like much of a kindness to me.

Thanks Warren, for taking my discussion seriously.

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