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Doc Searls points out a phenomenon I notice a lot and that always irks me. It’s sites that lay out their articles such that a simple one spans multiple pages. Those intolerable and endless “Top X Moments in Y History” crap, the 1500 word newspaper article split into 5 300 word pages. It’s pretty baldfaced obvious that these are ploys to create more ad impressions from the same number of people visiting and it really sucks. I’ve stopped following links to any of those lists from Large Hearted Boy, because they always suck and it is always obvious I’m being worked and it’s just never worth it.

I see it even in the web UIs of products. I noticed when Odeo was talking about the number of impressions they had, I always figured part of it had to do with how non-Ajaxy their interface was. To do anything substantial took several page loads which probably inflated that number. Ajax does throw a wrench in the impression game by allowing lots of work to be done off a small number of page loads. I’ve hit the point where I’m highly impatient that with any site that makes me spent extra time loading and navigating and dealing with them when it is obvious that upping the impressions is the goal.

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2 thoughts on “Spread It Out”

  1. Mark Forman says:

    Heh, yeah death to the click wolves in sheep’s clothing. GoDaddy sucks real bad too buy with them, their multiple page views are trying to force sales on you. AmigoFish should come out with companion client called, “piranha” to gobble click hucksters script.

  2. david says:

    I agree wholehearedly. I am also noticing other sites (Gawker and Stereogum are obvious culprits) that link itms to internal searches on those sites instead of the item’s actual website.

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