Lesbian Characters You Should Know

Here’s a list of 13 lesbian and bisexual fictional characters worth reading about from After Ellen. What is significant to me is that my friend Nicola made the list with her character Aud Torvingen. New book! I went to the Myrtle Beach B&N to buy it for this present trip and they didn’t have it. I guess I’ll have to give my money to Amazon after all. I tried to shop locally with no success.

And to bring in a note from the previous post, this simple list of 13 items is spread across three pages. Uhhm, yeah, thanks for that.

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One thought on “Lesbian Characters You Should Know”

  1. Derek says:

    I was surprised that Hopey and Maggie were left off of the list, but upon reading the comments it seems as though Los Bros Hernandez get very little love on that site. Odd. For me H&M were the first characters where their sexuality was part of their personality and not just a plot device of some sort. There were others before them obviously, but they were the ones that really made me “get it”.

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