The plan last night had been for after the rehearsal dinner for the groom to meet up with his friends at McNally’ Pub in Elmhurst. My buddy Coop lives right near there, so we had dinner there and met up with him before the wedding party arrived. Mmmm, bangers and mash! I’d never been in Elmhurst before, but it’s a nice little place. It reminds me of Virgina-Highlands in Atlanta, with a high density of eateries and drinkeries in a compact and walkable area. It was good to see Coop and to hang out.

My original plan was to try to fit in some Chicago touristy stuff in this weekend, but in fact we have cut the plan back to bare bones. We’re doing even a fraction of the stuff we have talked about, choosing instead to relax and hang out more. My fatal flaw is always overbooking the time with activities, and not chilling enough. I’m glad I was dialed down here before. It seems more appropriate. Now it’s on to a simple lunch shortly and then wedding and reception. The groom was talking about music selections last night. I thought about asking him if their DJ was able to come up with “Pac Man Fever” but I never found a good time to slip that stupid joke in.

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  1. Been there many times. It is a must hit place when my wife and I get back up to Chicago from Fort Worth. My family used to own a bar that was also in Elmhurst off of St. Charles Road.

    Miss the ol’ place.

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