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A few years ago, Dan Conover floated the idea of me coming down to Charleston and doing some podcasts from Spoleto. It was an interesting idea, but at the time would have required me not working my consulting gig for a few days to do a job without pay and that just didn’t fly. The other aspect of that is that while I think I’m a good enough interviewer that you can drop me in about any situation and I’ll do a competent job, I don’t really have a wealth of enthusiasm for the festival. I attended a Laurie Anderson show there in 1989 and haven’t been back since. I know a lot of Charlestonians burn for it, but we haven’t even driven the 100 miles to go down there for the festival in the last three years.

So, they arrived at something much better than bringing me in. There are now a pair of podcasts done by knowledgeable and enthusiastic Charlestonians – Spoleto Today and Spoleto Buzz. I listened to a few episodes of Spoleto Today and was pleased to find that my friend Janet Edens is one of the contributors. I haven’t heard the Buzz yet, but I subscribed tonight and will check it out tomorrow. If you have any interest at all in the festival, you can check these out and feed your jones.

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