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Here are two more newspaper links. Ryan Sholin responds to that stupid article I blogged yesterday with his list of “10 obvious things about the future of newspapers.”

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, Avedon Carol points out that the New York Times is becoming a fanzine for the pundit class. I like her points about how the fanzine mentality is not in the quality of the writing (which is often quite good) but the insularity and sermon to the choir of a core group nature of it. As someone who has myself published a fanzine, I understood exactly where she was coming from.

These screeds like Neil Henry’s are just empty ventings to me. If you really want to impress us with how much better professional journalists are than bloggers, return to publishing impressive work. There are thousands of stories about the conduct of this war, about the current political situation and the present constitutional crisis waiting to be written, hovering about like slow pitch softballs. Pick one and hit it a mile, or shut your cake hole. The establishment media keeps telling us they are essential while the reportage gets increasingly inconsequential. If you are better, prove it. You’ve lost your free ticket and have to earn it back. Coffee is for closers.

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