Here’s When I’m Getting the iPhone

Scoble asks where people are going to get an iPhone. I’m answering as if the question was “when”, because that’s more interesting to me. This is right in line with topics in the podcast I published today about how you spend your money, and has a very easy answer. I will use the same rule of thumb I have with every cell phone I have ever owned – when it is free with a service contract, I’ll get it. If that is never, so be it. I’ll live.

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4 thoughts on “Here’s When I’m Getting the iPhone”

  1. Tom says:

    “when it is free with a service contract, I’ll get it.”

    Or if it’s available unlocked and I can choose which carrier to use. No way am I going to switch to AT&T just for an iPhone. I’m not sure of the business sense to release the phone to just one company. That right there is one very good reason for me not to get it.

  2. dave says:

    Tom, I don’t hold that standard to any of the phone providers I’ve done. We pick the carrier that makes sense, get the best phone that is free and move on. I’m not going to pay for a phone, no matter how cool it is. They are too disposable for me to want to dump cash into one.

  3. Tom says:

    I can see that. I’m not into cool phones either. That’s why I got the Motorola V360 instead of the awful RAZR. The V360 is far better. For me I’ve been really happy with T-Mobile and I’ve got a great plan which the carriers can’t match and T-Mobile’s customer support has been excellent. So I have no interest in moving to AT&T, who I dislike anyway. On the other hand I would pay for a quality handset, one that would allow me to make VOIP calls (which I really want), one with a decent camera and one that could offer me a proper substitute to a MP3 player. The Nokia N95 offers all that but you know I’m never gonna pay for it at $750.

  4. Dom Barnes says:

    I can see where you’re coming from Dave. Personally I like the iPhone and would love to get one. I don’t like spending money on a handset (never have done from a provider) and I wouldn’t want to start. But I do like the feature set.
    I tend to look for typical stuff, bluetooth, colour screen, good memory storage. I don’t use my phone as an mp3 player as I have an iPod but if I can join two of those for my short trips to work, then great. But I really wouldn’t spend that sort of money on a handset. I can make do with my Nokia N70 for now. We’ll see what happens when it comes out in the UK.

    On a side note, I like your ethos of planning to retire at 50. I respect that you are able to save so much, and as you said recently, can go 2 years without a job before it becomes an issue. I would love to be in that position.
    In a sense I am, except some money is earmarked for a deposit on a house for a year or two.

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