Sopranos Winding Down

You know, I must be a more diffident Sopranos fan than I thought. Even though I intellectually know there is only one more episode left, I had to have it pointed out that it is, like, in a few hours. The true fans are excited and conjecturing, I forgot it was even happening.

A few weeks ago, I thought the ending would involved Tony getting killed and AJ picking up the mantle in some form of symbolic or metaphorical way. Now I’m not sure. It seems like there must be something circular to it, something final and devastating but at the very end a sign that things will continue on not unlike how they always have. Maybe the last scene will flash forward 25 years and Meadow Parisi will be the wife of the big boss as they try to deal with their kids.

I always like the flashback scenes from the 50s that they did in the first few seasons. I wouldn’t mind a “Sopranos: the Early Years” period show that focussed on Johnny and Junior’s antics making the family a powerhouse in the Mafia.

One way or another, it will be over in a few hours. And as always, this can only end in tears.

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