Normal Temperature

It really bugs me when TV weatherman talk about the “normal temperature” for today. The temperature they are talking about would never be the “normal” temperature, unless they are talking about the most commonly observed one. Average is not the same as “normal”. You could plausibly have an average temperature that has never actually been observed as the high on that day. It’s just technically incorrect, and yet I hear it almost every night. It just bugs me, you know.

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2 thoughts on “Normal Temperature”

  1. What, are you a sophomore at Tech again? I dunno, Dave, this might be a new low for you. I thought your iPhone proclamation was pretty lame, but I think this clearly takes the prize. What’s next, lecturing about why people should use their turn signals?

    I still think you’re a good guy and I’m still gonna keep up with your blog though 🙂 Feel free to delete this comment …


  2. Good to know that you are out there, sitting in judgment waiting for me to make posts that are beneath your standards. I guess when you post to your blog about once a month on average you can make each one a gem. Ssssss, that was a burn son!

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