Spoleto Podcast Roundup

So I listened to all episodes of both the Spoleto podcasts I know about. I’m not giving favoritism to the Post and Courier one just because I know a few of those people, but I much preferred Spoleto Today to Spoleto Buzz. The latter I thought had a few really good episodes but mostly was either snippets of bootlegs that did nothing for me or was big bantery groups of people sitting around and bullshitting in a really uninteresting way. Anytime the group in a podcast gets to three or more, the odds of it being interesting drop dramatically and assymptotically towards zero. Too much time gets spent in making the most obvious possible joke at every point, and while it might be fun to sit in the room recording it, those things are really boring to listen to.

The thing that both podcasts failed to do was get me so excited that I thought “Damn, I must make the drive down to Charleston to get in on this!” After having listened to 40 or 50 shows between the two, I generally felt like I might have wanted to go to a couple of those shows but not like I had made any sort of error in not going. I’m glad they did the shows and I used them to keep up on the scene there but ultimately didn’t really make any sort of lasting effect on me. It was an interesting experiment from the academic standpoint, but not much past that for me.

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