The Spirit Movie

I’ll admit it. I’m very nervous about Frank Miller directing a film of The Spirit. I really hope that he manages to pull it off and keep true to the spirit of the source material. I fear it, though. It can’t possibly be worse than the 1980’s TV movie adaptation with Sam Jones. I saw that broadcast at the time and never since but my recollection is that it was a stinker. Even when I was a teenager in the process of getting newly enthralled by discovering the Kitchen Sink Spirit reprints I didn’t like it. Hope springs eternal, but I’m just not sure Miller’s sensibilities match up with Eisner’s. We Shall See.

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  1. I see no reason to doubt him. His two latest movies were almost hyper-accurate adaptations of his stuff. I think if he takes it as seriously as it was originally intended, it will work out good.

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