Grand Strand Bloggers Meetup June 2007

Our meetup was fun. In attendance were Andre Pope, Chris Yale, Roger Yale, and myself. A quirk of scheduling left out a few people but the four of us had a good time. Special thanks to Andre, who unbeknownst to me had a gift certificate to Bummz that he was willing to donate to the cause. Right on! I picked the bar because it is on the beach and kind of central to most of us but that was a nice side benefit.

We talked blogging, podcasting, life on the Grand Strand, skateboarding and zines and DIY aesthetics, BBQ and music and web server configurations, tattoos and monster movie hosts. Basically, all kinds of stuff. There was some geek talk, but not as much as you might think. The neat thing is that all of us are involved in creating something for our own pleasure, be it music or blogs or podcasts or restored cars, and for all of us it was more than one of those things. It was great fun, and I liked all these guys. We’ll definitely have to do this again, probably at the same place. I’ll try to pick a date with lots of notice, so people can plan around it.

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  1. Good times by all. It was great seeing and meeting people who share a similar interest but who are taking it in very different directions.

    Until next time…

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