A Productivity Experiment

Just for a wag, I’m trying something different. I brought my laptop with me to work, and I’m now typing this from Big D’s BBQ restaurant, right by where they are building the Hard Rock theme park. In fact, I’m looking at the construction office out the window.

I’m offline here and will upload later. I’ve found that I do pretty well with writing blog posts and answering mail when I’m in planes and at my father-in-law’s and such. I figured I’d take my laptop to the restaurant, eat, do a little work, eat some more and repeat until I have to leave. I squandered a lot of my working time last night playing poker. That’s the bad news, the good news is that I came in first in a 90 man $5 buy-in, so I cleared over a hundred bucks on that one tournament. It’s nice to finally be earning better than minimum wage for my time on tournaments I win.

Update: That experiment didn’t quite turn out as planned, since several of my coworkers came through and I ended up talking with all of them. Still, it was fun and I got me a bellyful of barbecue, chicken bog and banana pudding.

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4 thoughts on “A Productivity Experiment”

  1. “Chicken bog”; there’s a new one on me. The Google reveals it to be a South Carolina delicacy, and proffers several recipes.

    Nancy and I will have to make a batch. Sounds great. We are always in search of new ways to prepare chicken.


  2. Andre, of Grand Strand Blogger Bash #1 fame, thanks for the additional info. The only thing better than regional cooking is local cooking; Nancy & I will check out the recipe you link to. It sounds absolutely delicious. We’ll try to do it justice when we prepare it.


  3. I agree with Ken, that sounds like a great recipe. Gonna try it this week.

    And Ken, it ought to be right up your alley: the recipe is from “Racing Car Dishes” episode on Food Network 🙂

    Paula’s Home Cooking
    Episode PA1B03

    Racing Car Dishes
    Paula Deen is cooking for Poughkeepsie Racing Car Club and comes up with some tasty treats for trackside snacking with recipes for Bubba’s Beer Biscuits, Chicken Bog, Sweet Potato Chips and for dessert, Chocolate Almond Pie.

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