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Blogging has been light lately. We want to do some painting around the house and the first room to be tackled was our foyer. Aside from bathrooms, this is the smallest room in our house, less than 9′ X 12′. It had really horrible grandma wallpaper on it, and we wanted to take it down. As a well known lazy ass, my first impression was to just paint over the wallpaper but we decided to take it down anyway. We spent three hours with spray bottles and scrapers and managed to clear about 1/6th of one wall, and only the top layer of the two. That’s no good, so the next day I rented one of those steamers. I ended up working all of Monday evening and well into to the wee hours steaming paper off the walls.

Today we did some cleaning with the Diff spray to get the last bits of wallpaper off and then washed the walls with TSP (substitute) to get up the dreck and wallpaper paste. All in all, we’ve put over 30 man hours into this room and now we are essentially at square one for painting. We still have to spackle the tore up bits, sand, prime and then paint. I personally hate wallpaper and have never put it up in my life, only taken it down. If I never ever see another piece of wallpaper in my life or have to soak it off a wall, it will be too soon. Screw wallpaper!

Without a doubt, this is the worst, least fun 4th of July of my life. No fireworks, parades, no beach or fun. I’ve made two trips to KMart for supplies and been up close and personal with the walls since 11 AM with a few breaks. Sucky sucky day. Thank Bob that is over.

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  1. chris yale says:

    That sucks, Dave. We had to deal with removing wallpaper as well when we remodeled our townhouse. What a pain in the ass. The worst is over, dude, unless you have other rooms with the wallpaper beast lurking within!

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