The Calm Before the (Paint) Storm

Last night was a break from walls, so we took the dog to the beach, the dog park and PetSmart. Woo hoo! Tonight, though, coffee break’s over, back on your heads. It’s been spackling, taping, spackling, taping. I’m taking a break after which it will be spackling, taping, sanding, sanding, and maybe sleeping. Tomorrow we go to town with the rollers. We aim to have both rooms painted before early afternoon, after which we might have some sort of a weekend. My fingers are crossed.

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2 thoughts on “The Calm Before the (Paint) Storm”

  1. Andre Pope says:

    I get my hands dirty with a lot of projects, painting however, is not one of them. Good luck!

    Instead of PetSmart try checking out local shop owners. Conway Feed & Grain is a great place for lots of dog products its even right down the road from your house (just past The Freeze on Hwy 701 N.) Or if you’re at the beach stop into Coastline and say hey to Bobby or Kristen, they’ll hook you up with what you need.

    Next time your at the bark park give me a call maybe Harley Quinn and I can meet you over there.

  2. dave says:

    Andre, I’ve shopped at the feed store pretty regularly the whole time we’ve lived here. However we needed a few things, were in that part of town and the feed store was closed.

    We’ll do that sometime, hook up for a doggie play date!

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