Mike Dunn on Andrew Keen’s Cult of the Amateur

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A picture is worth a thousand words, no? Here’s a thousand from Mike Dunn. I find it amusing that Keen is still trying to get bloggers to hate him and fight him, etc. Yawn. If bloggers are so unimportant, why do you keep working so hard to get their (negative) attention? Actions speak louder than words, and Keen says bloggers provide no value and then with his actions wants them to provide value to him. Hypocrite bullshit artist wanker.

Note too, as per Steve Gillmor, the lack of links. Every other book I ever reference, I at least have an Amazon affiliate link. Not so this one. Consider it editorializing with refusing to link.

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4 thoughts on “Mike Dunn on Andrew Keen’s Cult of the Amateur”

  1. mike dunn says:

    lol – well said dave…

  2. Bryce Moore says:

    I never quite understood what Keen’s gig was either. How can you argue about bloggers being pointless and then advertise a book to that effect… on a blog?!

    I’m going to vote with you on the hypocrite tag here. Just feels like opportunistic baiting.

  3. David Parmet says:

    I noticed it on Mike’s shelf in his office. Thankfully I have nothing to worry about 😉

  4. seems andrew keen misses the point….this maybe should’ve been the book.


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