I’m Incognito, Baby

There was a point where the only crimes Louis Pearlman was guilty of were the Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync. Now he has upgraded that to swiping $500 million from various investors. He was caught in Guam while on the run for his crimes. The best part of this story is the name he was using when he was apprehended – “Incognito Jones”. I can’t even think that name without laughing. That is officially my band name from now on. I can’t play an instrument, don’t have any songs or bandmates but that is my band. Maybe one day they’ll reunite, and then Incognito Jones can open for Luscious Jackson. That’s a bill with name value.

Update: I screwed up a detail. He was nabbed in Bali, but stopped in Guam on his way back to custody in Florida. I’m sure the Indonesian cops sent him away by singing “Bye Bye Bye.”

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