Weird Day

Yesterday we went out for lunch from work at the River City Cafe, and I happened to leave my cellphone there. Dumb Dave! I suspected it was there and I was planning on swinging by anyway. They had the sense to open it up, look at the address book for a “Home” entry and call it to say they had the phone. Thanks, River City!

While over here, I decided to get a cup of coffee and hang out at the Starbucks, the same one from this post. I’ve been bringing my personal laptop to work and when possible, trying to answer email and get caught up on things over lunch. As it turns out this Starbucks has free wifi! Holy cow, I didn’t know that even existed in one of these damn joints. This is an atypical one of them, though, because there is no requirement on shoes and shirts. Dudes and chicks still in their swimsuits have come through while I’ve been sitting here.

20 emails down since I’ve been sitting here. I did have the inbox down to 0 at one point, and I had crept back up into 3 digits. My GTD implementation is in shambles and I’m not Getting Things Done very well at the moment. Never say die, where there’s a will there’s a way, etc.

I was going to walk on the beach on my way out of here, but I think I’ll have to skip it. I’m running out of time, but I am sure making a little progress. Life is tradeoffs.

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