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The author dropped me a note letting me know about this plugin to Bittorrent support to iTunes podcasts. This allows you to not only download torrented podcasts but to seed them as well. It is currently Windows only, but OS X support is in the plan. If you are a developer who wants to help move that along, you might should jump aboard. I’ve kept my support for Bittorrent mainly for political reasons. In spring of 2005, over 90% of my downloads came via the torrents. Nowadays, it’s more like 5%. iTunes killed it, so it would be nice to see people be able to breathe a little life back into it.

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3 thoughts on “Bittorrent Plugin for iTunes”

  1. I am sorry to say that I am one of the 90% original bittorrenters who is now a iTunes person. I loved using iPodderX and kept waiting for Transistr so I could buy it, but I don’t think it has come, even yet. I really liked having not having to have a GUI program open (as I do with iTunes) for my podcasts to get updated. I am guessing that the Transistr folks have moved on to bigger and better things.

  2. wow, that’s awesome. I’ve stuck with the torrent download cos I love ya, and always seed as much as possible. It’s not the download that makes it annoying though, it’s when iTunes doesn’t delete the file after I’ve listened to it 🙂

    I’ll be giving this a test run for your next episode 😀

  3. ugh… I was going to blog about it, but it needs a LOT of work before I do that. I forgot that I had tried the original iTorrent, and dumped it immediately for very good reasons.

    despite being a windows-only app it’s console based, and I had a hell of a time trying to stop it downloading old episodes. I wound up hacking the config file – not the sort of thing I’d expect any normal person to be able to do. Everything appears to be ok though and I’m still going to use it for EGC.

    Time to start submitting feedback to the new owner!

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