More Painting and It Still Sucks

This weekend has been round two of painting. Our living room has three different surfaces – sheet rock that we painted last week, brick and panelling. We’ve never much cared for the paneling as it gives a very 70’s rumpus room vibe. The panelling is also behind a built-in entertainment center so it is kind of complicated to deal with. We decided we wanted to paint it the same color as the other two walls. Yesterday we filled in holes, sanded, washed and primed. Today I caulked the edges between the panels and in a little bit we will begin the first coat of two.

We’re a little nervous on this one because painted paneling isn’t necessarily our first choice for what to have in a room, but we are playing the hand we have been dealt. We’ve agreed that even the primed wall looks better than the wood finish, so it can’t really be a step down. We just want the final result to look as good as the other walls. When this is done, that’s it for home improvement tasks for a while. Thank Bob, I don’t know how much more I could take in a short period. I’m a renovation wimp.

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