R/C Jousting Knights

I got an email from Think Geek about these Radio Controlled Jousting Knights and for a second, I had that “I’ve got to have this” feeling. I don’t need them, but the concept is just so funny and cool that I wanted them. However, Think Geek got too clever for their own good.

They have a You Tube video of people playing with them, and it is pretty obvious from that they aren’t nearly as much fun as they seem like they’d be. Because of the lack of very fine control, rather than jousting the knights spend a lot of time trying to get close to each other and missing. The one bit of contact was a demolition derby style t-bone of one horse into the other, not really what you are signing up for. In the olden days, you might have had to drop the $40, get these shipped to you and fiddle with them for 10 minutes to realize they are a disappointment. Now you can get that without even making the purchase. Thanks, Web 2.0!

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