2500 PSI

Today has been early preparation for the party next weekend. The bulk of my day has been spent using the pressure washer we bought on sale in March but had yet to use. At this point, it’s been broken in. I think I used it long enough that I should already change the oil. Our patios and decks and front porch and shed all look a devil of a sight better though. What’s a few thousand pounds per square inch between friends?

This pressure washer we bought is a Troy-Bilt with a Honda engine. It is way better than the crappy rental model we got when we first moved in. I think this cost right at $200, which is about 4 rentals. Sometime after the party I think I’ll spend another day doing things I couldn’t get this go around. I like it. There is something peaceful about tearing through filth with a powerful jet of water.

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5 thoughts on “2500 PSI”

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed pressure washing Dave. I did the same thing to the patio at my parents house, and the stonework came out about 12 shades brighter. Makes for a much nicer area.
    Made a hell of a mess on the walls though.

  2. Pressure washing is one of those things that if you aren’t careful you end up washing everything. First you pressure wash the eaves, which gets the siding dirty, so you wash the siding. Then you accidentally clean off some concrete near the bottom of the siding, so now you have to clean the porch. You can’t have a dirty sidewalk leading to a clean porch. Well the sidewalk being clean and the driveway being dirty doesn’t look right, let’s clean the driveway.

    Thank god the street is asphalt.

  3. Not only peaceful — downright Zen. James is right. One clean thing leads to another. . .and another . . .

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