A Life Back to Normal

This is, I swear, the last post to mention my birthday party. I don’t want to see some other blog post named “Why I Dropped Slusher When He Wouldn’t Stop Talking about His Goddamn Party.” We are eating up the leftovers. I dropped a box of them at work on Sunday for the network guys, but there is enough left that I’ve had it for lunch two of the last three days. At home, I froze a bunch of baggies of chicken bog and BBQ so we’ll be breaking that out over time. We’ll be eating Low Country Catering into the fall, I’m sure.

Here’s a few bits of blogspheric reaction to the party from attendees, one from Andre and one from Ken.  It was fun to have them there, as well as the 50-70 other people that were there. I figured there was not really a point in having an official Grand Strand blogger shindig around now because the party was de facto that meeting as most of those people where there.

Now, it’s back to normal blogging and podcasting. Onward into the new media sphere!

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