Bridge In Minneapolis Collapses

Oh no, this is bad. A bridge in Minneapolis over the Mississippi River has collapsed. Reports are of cars falling in piles of concrete into the river and onto the road below. None of the reports I’ve seen have mentioned fatalities but it is hard to imagine no one dying in such an occurrence. I’m always nervous when I drive over those large span bridges and now I’ll be a basket case the next time. Here’s hoping against hope that the injuries are minimal and the loss of life nonexistent.

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3 thoughts on “Bridge In Minneapolis Collapses”

  1. Tim says:

    I don’t think the injuries will be minimal, Dave. Three confirmed dead with 30-50 cars in the water. Not good.

    I have been on this bridge hundreds of times in the past 9 years since we’ve live here in the Twin Cities. I’m thankful I work from home…

  2. As of this writing – 7 confirmed fatalities. Having a major highway bridge collapse into the Mississippi river during rush hour I think we can be grateful the number is – at this point – in the single digits.

  3. Mark Forman says:

    Wonder how the bridges in Iraq holding up? Oh I forgot no water over there. Sad day among sad days.

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