RIP Tom Snyder

I was sad to hear of the passing of Tom Snyder. I’ve always liked him and in a lot of ways I try to emulate certain of his strengths when I do interviews. I remember sneaking out of bed and watching the Clash on the Tomorrow show, carefully only turning it up as loud as I thought wouldn’t wake the rest of the house. I watched the Tomorrow show whenever I could, and I was a big fan of his 90’s talk show comeback, watching both his CNBC and CBS talk shows. Back when he was still on the air at CBS I wrote away for one of his autographed photos, which I sadly never received. He’s one guy I’d have loved to have been able to have a conversation with. Somewhere, Tom is having a colortini and I think I’ll have on in his memory too.

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2 thoughts on “RIP Tom Snyder”

  1. Here, here(lifts virtual glass to Tom). I used to watch him into the wee hours when my high school schedule had me going in at 11:00. I remember watching him with the Sex Pistols on-they being true to form punk wise-asses and Tom calling the then Johnny Rotten, “John” with cigarette in hand an his classic big grin.

    Tom was one of the great interviewers IMHO and it pleases me to know you were also an admirer of his.

  2. Thanks for mentioning Tom. I’m with you on the CNBC/CBS shows. To me they were some of the best interview shows ever. The Tom from the 90’s has little to do with the guy in the 70’s smoking the heaters and acting like Dan Ackroyd. Those 90’s shows were some of my favorite TV moments ever.

    Did anybody ever see the shows he did with George Carlin after Carlin’s wife died? That was incredible, touching stuff.

    Am I the only person that is mad that all the wire obits make it sound like the colortini/simultini were parts of the Tomorrow show??? I think those obits were written by people that just saw Saturday Night Live takeoffs on TS.

    Dave, I did the same thing that you did and asked for an autographed 8×10. I did actually get one and it’s a treasured possession. I must have hit TS on a good day.

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