Documenting the Bridge by Its Closest Resident

Here is more on the I-35 bridge collapse by a guy who lives right by it. There is also an associated flickr photo pool with some horrifying photos of the devastation. Dear god its hard not to cry when you look at this. I rarely have nightmares but when I do, they usually involve falling from bridges. These are literally the images from my nightmares.

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One thought on “Documenting the Bridge by Its Closest Resident”

  1. Yeah. It’s especially creepy when you regularly drive that stretch of road, often at that exact time of day.

    I live just a few blocks from the Mississippi and have to cross that thing sometimes 8 or 10 times in a day, including that bridge on many days.

    It was really hard doing that today. Every time I went over that river, I watched the edge of each bridge for any sign of shaking.

    Totally irrational fear, but hey, it is what it is.

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