Achewood in the House: Chris Onstad Interview

Here’s an interesting interview from the Onion AV club with Chris Onstad of Achewood. That is the only webcomic I follow on a regular basis, and have for years. A few years back, my XMas gifts were collections of the strip and Achewood T-shirts, so I’m more interested than average. Apparently this is the first time that Onstad has let his photo be taken for one of these things, which is funny because he looks about like I figured he would. Also interesting is that he makes similar statements about what business he really is in as Gene Simmons did on the Henry Rollins show: nominally in the content creation business, both are really in the merchandise game. The content creation manufactures an excitement that makes people buy stuff, where the real money is.

It’s a good interview and I recommend it. I’ve liked Onstad for years even though he flaked on me when I had set up a webcomics roundtable episode for Voices in Your Head and his flaking made me cancel the whole thing.

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