Infrastructure Failure

So this weekend we were up in Goldsboro NC visiting my father-in-law. Sunday at the hotel breakfast I pulled my chair up to the table and when I did I felt something twinge in my lower back. Ever since, I’ve been in pain and walking around kind of like Fred Sanford. It kind of made me mad to have my body falling apart right then. My quote was “I’ve only been 40 for a few days and it’s all going to hell!” Luckily, I still have some vicoprofen left over from my volleyball injury last May. At least with that one, I was out playing sports with much younger people and had a reason to incur aches. This time, nothing that sexy. One tiny twist in a chair and a quick ticket to painville. Getting old so far isn’t that much fun.

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6 thoughts on “Infrastructure Failure”

  1. mike dunn says:

    it is all down hill after 40 dave 😉

    actually, i’m well beyond 40 and still very, very active bordering on extreme – i swear by the activator method chiropractic process to “fix” me after i’ve wreaked myself somehow…

    they’ll straighten your back out and do it w/out need of meds – check it out in your area via

  2. Mark Forman says:

    See you didn’t read the fine print in the Bday #40 manual…. Empathetic “grunt.”

  3. I’ll second the recommendation for chiropracty. I turned 40 back in May, and went to my first chiropractor not long after. Been dealing with intermittent back pain for years, and, man, did that guy do me right.

  4. Eddie Dickey says:

    I’ve had this happen too! It just goes with the territory, dude.. Be glad you can work your way out of it..

  5. Ken Nelson says:

    Not to disparage those who have found relief by going to a chiropractor, but the last time Nancy went to one, I took her to the ER the next day because she was in such pain. She’s had a perforated disc for years. She goes to a sports medicine clinic for therapy occasionally now. The sports clinic has the side benefit of teaching her exercises which are portable, so she can do them at home or anyplace without the need for special equipment.


  6. mike dunn says:

    agreed ken, chiro is clearly for adjusting/optimizing/aligning not fixing actual damages, proper taditional doctors are needed for that, which our chiro recommends when we go to far…

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