Weekend Recap

So, despite my best efforts we actually did go to the grocery store and do a few productive things (me the least in the household.) We watched a little TV and I farted around some. I played a 90 man sit-n-go on Full Tilt Poker and moneyed for the first time in a month. I haven’t been playing much with the busy times, and my game has really suffered. I think I had 8 tourneys in a row without moneying, which is about as bad as I’ve ever done.

Note to self: late in a tournament and a few people from the bubble, do not call an all in raise for most of your stack with a pair of queens. You might make a raise with it, but don’t call such a raise with it. QQ is just not as strong a hand as it seems. Even an Ace-two off-suit has too much chance to beat you and chances are pretty good that the guy making the raise has either a better hand than you or one that has a good draw for beating you. My main strength as a poker player is patience and waiting for my spots to get frisky, typically either in position or with a good hand or a good bluffing situation. I need to be disciplined enough to only get my money in when I’m making the move, not responding to someone else’s move unless I’m pretty sure I’ve got the nuts. Of course, every hand like that where you win makes you brilliant and every one where you lose makes you an idiot.

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