Chicken Bog and Hummus

That title is no fooling, that’s what I had for dinner – hummus and chicken bog left over from the big party a few weeks ago. It’s a good thing this food is still edible, because we still have eight or ten quart bags of chicken bog, barbecue and coleslaw in our freezer.

If there is something that will get the thoughts of blogosphere drama out of your head, it is preparing a big software release at the day job. I’m not a natural detail person, I’m more of a bull in a china shop. It really takes it out me having to get every jot right, and having the whole magilla riding on it. I mean, I can do it and pull it off but it feels like digging ditches sometimes. Man o man, am I looking forward to pushing this out the door this weekend. I’ve been holding off upgrading my laptop from Ubuntu Edgy to Feisty because I didn’t want to have there be a problem with it right in crunch time for the release. I can’t wait. Celebrate milestones with Linux!

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5 thoughts on “Chicken Bog and Hummus”

  1. Basically, you’re talking about a hummus that has already been dead for half a week or so. The fact that it had been preserved so well, suggest a use of preservatives – not very friendly chemicals. Good, fresh, homemade hummus, only survives for about two days and is best served warm, just after it is prepared.

  2. Chris, thanks. It seemed to go OK, although not without fallout. I’m exhausted yet have to drag my sorry ass into work again today.

    Derek, being allergic to peas and garlic does seem like the hummus deal-breakers.

    Eddie, it is a local chicken and rice delicacy. It’s been in the freezer and reheated. It wasn’t as good as it was the first day, but still pretty good.

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