“Blog Like A Guy Week”

So this was originally posted during my crazy week of too much work so it is no longer that timely, but still worth note. Comedian and thinker Heather Gold has a post where she discusses the differences between the way men and women approach blogging specifically, but creativity in general.

I do think it is true that guys are more willing to put themselves out there. This is the upside of the basic male obliviousness to the feelings of others, and the practice gained by a lifetime of making jackasses of ourselves. At this point, what’s one more bad performance or blog post or videoblog or poorly told joke? 99 out of 100 guys have spent their lives to date screwing up one thing after another, and we are pretty well inured to the process. Take your best crack at it and let it ride, and don’t obsess too much over the bad ones. Girls, do yourself a favor and be willing to fail. I’ve done it thousands of times, and it just ain’t that devastating. Be like Heather, and play out.

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