Rev. Magdalen Achieves Victory (But at a Price)

It looks like the custody case for the oppressed Subgenius young mother Reverend Magdalen has finally been resolved in her favor. That’s the good news, and very good news it is. The bad news is that this has racked up $140,000 in legal bills in the process. I’ve given in several rounds of the fundraisers, and I can only ask those of you who enjoy the antics of the Subgeniuses or who believe that America should have a commitment to freedom of speech to give. Click the little banner below. Bob gives slack to those who give to Magdalen, and you my friend need slack. The world ends tomorrow and you may die so you need the slack more than the money, bub!

Click here to lend your support to: Reverend Magdalen Legal Fund and make a donation at !

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