More Rollergirl Action in the Grand Strand

This Sunday September 2nd, we’ve got more rollergirl action in Conway SC. The bout starts at 6:30 PM at the DreamLand Skate Arena. There will be four, count them, four teams there for all the action you can possibly stand. Be there or your wheels be square.

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2 thoughts on “More Rollergirl Action in the Grand Strand”

  1. I LOOOOOOOOVe Dave Slusher and I loooooooove Roller girls yummmy but I have a different kinda LOoooove for both … can’t mix the two … its not sexy but I LOoooooooove Slusher… hey bro are you going to the Expo … i’m not :((( but please toast to me in my absence and send everyone my luv

    – bendrix

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