Here’s a small world moment. In this quarter’s Georgia Tech alumni magazine Tech Topics is a little blurb about how Dan and Jeanette Gretsch are the founders of a company called SolarHot (there is a cute little subscript “2” between the H and O for a little visual pun.) The significance of this is that Jeanette was our classmate in the GT chemistry department in the late 80’s. I’m pretty sure I was Jeanette’s lab partner at least once, because I remember going over to their house in Home Park very close to where Atlantic Station is now.

According to the blurb, they now live in Cary NC (not so far away) and run their company that sells solar water heaters. Good for them. I always liked Jeanette a lot. Not that I didn’t like Dan, but I didn’t know him as well. Jeanette had a difficult run of it when she had their first child while still an undergrad, but she managed to work through it despite the enormous difficulty. We don’t have any immediate plans this way, but we have occasionally thought about putting in a passive solar water heater. Maybe we should reconnect with our friends and get a price quote at the same time.

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  1. Rob Leachman says:

    The URL linked to this comment isn’t entirely off-topic for your blog post. One person’s experience with solar water.

    Mostly Dave I wanted to re-ping and see if you got my email. Sorry. Thanks.

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