GTD Reboot

I’m hoping to do a GTD reboot this weekend. If you’ve got an email in to me that I have yet to reply, expect that to come this weekend as I bash back down to “Inbox Zero.” I need to refresh my hipster PDA, get my physical inbox back under control and get back on top of the disparate many side projects I have sitting around in some stage of semi-repair. All of my heroes and heroines in this life are super-organized and super-productive people who seem to get in gear in a way beyond what I ever do. Time to turn my desires for being a hypercompetent productivity machine into action! “To organization and beyond!!!”

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2 thoughts on “GTD Reboot”

  1. If I can offer one word of advice — a mantra, if you will — it’s “ruthlessness”

    That’s the mentality I find most successful with this kind of stuff. I take no prisoners, triage every e-mail as soon as I read it (so that I’m not wasting time triaging it again), and that seems to work quite well for me. But it’s a state of mind, for sure, and if I fall off it even just a little, all hell breaks loose and time is wasted left and right.

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