Weekly Surge and Grand Strand Bloggers

Last week I talked to Roger Yale for the local paper The Weekly Surge. It is the Myrtle Beach version of the Creative Loafing style outfit. We talked about the day job, about podcasting and blogging and the like. Out of a 30 minute conversation, he wrote 1200 works and that will probably get cut so who knows how much will make it in. It is not live at the moment (lunchtime on Thursday), but it will be published in the Working 4 A Living column. The paper publishes today, so I imagine at some point last week’s guy will get replaced with my smiling visage. (Update: The column with me in it is live at that link!)

Roger asked me for a place to direct readers who are interested in future meetups of bloggers in the area. I got back to him too slowly to make the column, but I set up the site Grand Strand Bloggers. We arranged the last meetup via an ad hoc email list of us just CC’ing each other and hitting reply all. That doesn’t scale too well, so I’d like to direct people to the new site for information and participation. I’d also like to invite anyone in the Grand Strand that is a blogger to submit your link to us, so we can add you to the blogroll. I know there are more than 5 of us out there, it’s just a matter of finding each other. If you are interested in blogging at that site, let me know and I’ll hook you up with author permission to write your own posts. I don’t want it to be an extension of me, this should be more of a group effort.

Credit where it is due, I was inspired to do this sort of thing by the work Dan Conover, Janet Edens, Heather et al have done with the Lowcountry Blogs. It was my jealousy of what they were achieving down there that made me want to get the first blogger meet up together, and I want to do the same thing with the site. So you Myrtle Beach area bloggers and citizen media stars, participate on the site by blogging if you so desire, by commenting, by submitting links and coming and hanging out at our next in person meet up. We live in a fantastic little place, so let’s share that with the world.

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  1. Roger Yale says:

    Thanks for participating, Dave.

    Good news: http://www.grandstrandbloggers.org made it into the paper.

    Our Editor, Kent Kimes, managed to squeeze this in at the last minute.


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