Grand Strand Time of Year

I personally think this is the absolute best time of the year here in the Myrtle Beach area. The hot weather seems to have mostly broken and now it is in the 70’s and 80’s every day. I always advise friends that want to come here for fun that if they have the flexibility to come in September or October, that’s the time. Prices get cheaper after Labor Day, everything is less crowded and the weather is actually nicer than July and August. I also like April and May but the advantage of the fall is that the ocean water is still warm and good for swimming. If you don’t have kids in school right now and want to maximize your vacation dollar, right now is the time for a week at the beach.

This summer has gone by in a flash. It seems like last week that I was lunching by the beach noting how everything was gearing up for the impending tourist season and like that, it is over. I personally really enjoy the beach in off-season, even the dead of winter. There is something about the slumbering tourist town that really appeals to me.

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