For much of the last two months, I’ve been so busy that blogging has been something that has been deferred or intermittent. This weekend that is not the case but I found that I had so much stuff I wanted to write and talk about and even discuss in podcasts that it kind of froze me. I ended up doing none of it.

The pattern I most like for myself is to post a few times a day, shorter bits and links to interesting things I’ve ran across on the web. A few times a week I like to write up a longer essay style post and maybe once a week or so I like to have a big long essay on some subject that is interesting me. I don’t believe that I’ve come anywhere close to that the entirety of this summer.

It’s certainly not for lack of subjects. My list of things I want to post about is getting ever longer, my starred items in Google Reader (which is how I signify I want to come back to it) has had 100 items added in the last month and must be over 500 total by now. If anything, that’s kind of the problem. I need to pick a thing or two and just go for it. This is the kind of stuff I preach, not getting bogged down by life, so I need to practice it myself.

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One thought on “Blogstipation”

  1. mike dunn says:

    i feel this way sometimes too dave, about not blogging, twittering (for me microblogging) and actually keeping up w/ my feed reading – sometimes life just gets in the way, but then i remind myself about my priorities: family stuff, walks w/ dogs, exercising/health, the realities of life etc… they are all so much more important than any online geeky stuff will ever be (for me), and i get over it – life is to short: so i enjoy blogging etc.. when it happens and lose zero sleep when it doesn’t – but that’s just me 😉

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