Burning Man

Here’s how disconnected I am from the Burning Man community. Until I heard the people on Puzzling Evidence talk about attending this year, I didn’t know it had already happened. I vaguely thought it happened in spring, but I didn’t really know. Apparently I don’t read any blogs from anyone that went or even discussed it. I know a lot of our geek friends love it, but I just couldn’t care less about the whole thing. The only interesting part of it is the DIY building aspect, but I’d rather spend the day at Maker Faire than a week in the desert at BM.

I think in the 2004 election cycle, someone pointed out that having Burning Man in the fall could have been a right wing plot to make sure that the energy of lots of crazy progressives was siphoned off into ultimately non-productive channels that have no effect on the political process. I don’t think it is, that’s a better plot than the right wing can pull off.

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