GMail Spam Filter Gets Too Frisky

I went into my GMail spam box yesterday to look for something, and was a little shocked at how much righteous email was in there. Warning notices from Plesk on a hosted box, two different emails from people I know, as well as every moderation message to date from the Grand Strand Bloggers blog. Good gravy, I found that a shockingly high false positive rate. For those many of you that do use GMail, you might want to consider checking that box every so often to make sure you are not losing stuff you actually want.

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5 thoughts on “GMail Spam Filter Gets Too Frisky”

  1. Yep, I have exactly the same problem. For example: I’m subscribed to a maillist and every time – even after telling GMail it’s no spam, repeatedly! – the mail gets dropped into the bin… Something is really wrong there for some time now 🙁

  2. When I converted my comment notifications from my comcast acct to gmail, I had that happen. There were about 50 comments awaiting moderation and all the notices were in the spam filter. Luckily for me, only 3 were righteous and had been within the past few days.

    I check it regularly now, though after “unspamming” them all it seems to have worked itself out.

  3. i don’t tend to see false positives w/ my gmail much, but i bet once they integrate their postini acquistion this should get even better for those that do – postini in the commerical space is rock solid and in my experience rarely produces a false positive…

  4. We actually did a company wide switch to gmail system. Even though you send mail to the account it actually gets passed through gmail. Yes I do get messages caught up in its spam filter but it is far better than receiving over 250 spam messages a day. I can live with it.

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