Anniversaries Uncelebrated

The busy summer kept me from even noting a number of anniversaries. Here are a few:

In late July, we hit the 5th anniversary of this blog. It was originally a wag done off the user account I had at Hurricane Electric at (a domain I no longer have). I had the account to try to do a project with a comic book tracking and marketplace site. That project is long dead but the blog lives on.

In late August, we hit the 3rd anniversary of my podcast. I celebrated by doing ever fewer shows.

Somewhere right about now, we set the record for the longest we’ve ever lived anywhere. That is both for the city and for the house. Our 2000-20003 stint in Atlanta was the previous record holder for house and almost in a dead heat with the Portland OR area for city. In our married lives we’ve lived in 11 places (plus two temporary apartments) in 6 cities in 5 states. There is something immensely pleasurable about going to the same dentist 6 checkups in a row, in having the same doctor and bankers and barristas over time. I’ve had the same yard guy and cashiers here longer than any medical professional of my adult life. It’s a nice change from our nomadic times.

Update: I forgot a big one, the 10th anniversary of graduating from grad school at the University of Louisiana – Lafayette and changing careers into being a software developer. That’s the best career decision I ever made. I was originally an analytical chemist but I find this career much more satisfying.

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