Missing Friends and the Podcast Industry

So Podcast Expo came and went without me. Even if I had gone, it would be over by now and I’d be on my way home. I’m sad that I didn’t go, but not as bummed as you might think. I’ve been sanguine about the whole thing. Wednesday night I realized how insane it would be if I were getting ready to leave. Considering I was at work until 1 AM a week ago Friday and as late as 5:30 PM this Friday was working on getting a release pushed out, it just went the way it had to. I’d like to have gone and had a good time with my friends and given my talk, but even now I’m still pretty tired.

I’ve been looking at photos via the “podcast expo” flickr tags, and I got some IMs from Kreg Steppe last night. Other than that, I really know little about how the thing went. I received a bunch of press release emails prior to the expo from Podango, none of which seemed that exciting to me. As much as I enjoy podcasting as a medium, I’m finding that I care less and less about the “podcast industry.” Odeo sells to some other company no one has heard of and then buys FireAnt. Podango buys the unreleased Gigavox Audio service. In the Fireant and Gigavox case, people I like are making money which I’m in favor of. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t care at all. I can’t remember the last move of any of the new media related companies that mattered to me.

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5 thoughts on “Missing Friends and the Podcast Industry”

  1. I missed not having you there a great deal. The money side of podcasting was a very strong theme. People should have an opportunity to get paid fairly for the work they do. But having an alternative set of voices that say it is OK to do this for love or whatever other reason is just as important IMHO.

  2. I missed you, man. Lots of people asked me where you were and I had to be the bearer of bad news. On the upside, like CC, I didn’t have to feel bummed at not having a full conference pass when your talk rolled around.

  3. Steve, I missed you too. I have a fundamental disagreement with that received wisdom that “podcasters do work so they should be paid.” No one says that about writing, the world is full of people who write their guts out without making a cent. The world is full of guitar players that play every day and never make a cent. I don’t see what makes podcasters special in that regard.

    Ewan, thanks for the tip of the kilt. I appreciated it.

    Chris, it was fairly late in the game when I had to cancel. Que sera.

    Darusha, I missed you too. It sucked but if that’s the worst problem I ever have I’ll be in good shape. I’m always in a weird position because the people who pay that extra money are the ones who probably are not interested in what I have to say. They want an ROI for their extra dough, and when my message is to not worry about ROI then we start to mismatch.

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