Podcast Queue Underflow

Usually when I get freakishly busy with work, it corresponds to me having a big backup in my podcast listening queue. Lately though the opposite has happened. Because I’ve been spending extra time at my desk where I have the possibility of sitting and listening to my player, I have actually hit the end of my queue several times recently. I still have about 7 episodes of the SXSW sessions which I’m not going out of my way to listen to. I just put them at the end of my list and if I listen to everything else I’ll then listen to those as I have time. Even so, I’ve listened to a number of them in the last week. When I sync up my player and get the new stuff, by the end of the day I have listened to it all. I can’t remember the last time that happened for any length of time. Of course, I have also dropped a few shows lately (Smart City was one) and I fast-forwarded through any of Mike Butler’s “Rock of Love” recap shows, so that right there is a few hours a week that disappeared from my listening.

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  1. Among other things, I recently added the Democracy Now daily news show, and it’s pretty good. They’re heavy in the Burma/Myanmar stuff right now, and it’s tough to listen to at times…but they give a good alternative news voice.

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