Podcast Circle Jerk Tally

Just for an excercise in completeness, I’m going to tally the results from last weekend’s Podcast Circle Jerk Awards versus my estimates I posted from my distribution of podcast award sentiment. I find that I needed two more buckets than originally specified, because there are some shows I have heard the name of but never listened to, and there are some that I neither like nor hate. This is only for the winners not all the nominees and the shows that won more than one category are only counted once.

Here’s my breakdown:

  • Shows I really like: 1
  • Shows I hate: 8
  • Shows I have listened to but have no strong feelings about: 2
  • Shows I have never heard of: 7
  • Shows I have heard of but never listened to: 2

So, if we count being on the fence with hate, and never listened to as never heard of — both of which are resonable assumptions because if forced to put them in an appropriate bucket that would be what I picked — we get this percentage:

Like: 1/20 or 5%
Hate: 10/20 or 50%
Never head of: 9/20 or 45%

That’s awfully close to the numbers in my original post so I feel pretty validated by that. I started to write this post yesterday but since then one show moved from “never heard of” to hate because it came down my AmigoFish prediction feed last night. That coincidence helped my distribution match a little better. Thanks, AF!

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