3 thoughts on “What I missed at PNME”

  1. The Expo moves to Vegas next year, yes.
    However, it also moves to the middle of August.
    August is Edinburgh Festival Fringe all month long.
    If you want to hang out with Ewan you’ll need to be there, not at the Expo.
    Which is exactly what our plans are.
    After this years coverage by the aforementioned Scotsman we’d be crazy not to go to The Fringe.
    This, the third Expo, marked the end of an era.
    Whilst it was an awesome experience, it was so due to the wonderful podcasters who attended. As Ewan will attest it is largely B2B now. Fewer booths, no TWiT presence like last year, and visibly lower attendance. We are done with the event, personally speaking. I’d say you missed the last chance to experience the Expo in any form that approximates its roots. It will be vastly different when it moves to its new location and time.

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