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More things I’ve heard lately on podcasts.

I’ll admit it, I downloaded this episode of Indy In Tune because my name is in the show notes (it’s automatic, I’m subscribed to an AmigoFish search on my name). I listened, liked it, and am now subscribed to the show. I like the Chad Mills music in the show and will check out more of it.

Part two of Michael Butler’s interview with Tommy James was just as good as part one, maybe better. I highly recommend it. I’m also glad that Rock of Love is over, I won’t have to skip most of the episode for half his shows anymore. In his most recent show, he mentioned that “Metal Guru” is his favorite T. Rex song. Really? Not that it isn’t a great song, but that one doesn’t strike me as the top of the pile. I’d put “20th Century Boy” or “Mambo Sun” as my personal favorite.

I don’t know that I’ve ever noticed any other blogger or podcaster recommending them, but I really love the Subdudes podcast. It comes out once a month and when it does, it’s always a treat. When we lived in Lafayette LA I think was either during their performing hiatus or when they were in Colorado and we never saw them live. If they ever tour through this area, by gum I’m going to see them.

I’ll admit that I was completely shocked when I subscribed to the podcast feed of the SXSW sessions how many of these panels are completely disposable. I haven’t been skipping as many lately as I was at the height of irrelevance a few months ago, but I do skip some. Here’s one that I found essential: several startup web projects lay out their balance sheets. I give Ryan Carson of Carson Systems (DropSend) huge credit for candor. He was the only one on the panel who didn’t hold back on any of the numbers. He laid it all out, how much they make and how much they spend and what it cost to develop the product. As a person doing a similar thing (minus the making money part), I found this unbelievably fascinating.

Today I listened to this speech Guy Kawasaki gave at the MySQL conference. This is a must listen. I liked his anecdote about how he turned down the gig as CEO of Yahoo and how that cost him what he estimates was $2 billion.

Finally, thanks to CC Chapman and Ewan Spence for their kind shout out to me in their episode of “Accident Mash” recorded in Ontario, CA. It was a very nice gesture, even though calling it the “Dave Slusher Memorial Podcast” sure does make me sound deceased. I’m not a fan of Brother Love, but that’s OK – he’s a big enough fan of himself for both of us.

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5 thoughts on “Around the Podosphere”

  1. just listened to that episode. it was a cool gesture. i spoke to CC while i was there, and we agreed your being absent took away from the experience.

  2. “I’m not a fan of Brother Love, but that’s OK – he’s a big enough fan of himself for both of us.”

    great line dave, literally laughed-out-loud on that one 🙂

  3. Julien, I’m sure y’all got along fine. It’s good to be missed though, so thank you.

    James, you ain’t kidding. We should have done it, but if these things were so clear cut in hindsight everyone else would have beat us to it.

    Mike, all the best jokes are funny because they are true.

    Chris, I think both were great. Butler has really stepped up as an interviewer over the time he’s done his show.

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