Indians V Yankees

If my Braves are not to be in the post-season, then please please please, I beseech you Dear Bob, let Cleveland beat the Yankees tonight. I absolutely hate Roger Clemens, I hate the Yankees. My top three baseball moments of the last 20 years are 1) Braves winning in 1995; 2) The Francisco Cabrera hit and the Sid Bream run from second, ie the “Braves win! Braves win!” moment from 1992; 3) every time I get to see Derek Jeter on the dugout steps holding back tears when the Yankees have been eliminated from the post-season.

Update: Not tonight, I’m afraid. That would have been something if all four first round series were sweeps.

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  1. Eddie Dickey says:

    It’s my fault – I started watching the series tonight…

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