Bring Me the Head of Del Close

The site ComicMix is an interesting one. It’s an online comic book site that is commissioning new work from creators I’m familiar with. They are off to a running start with a new Munden’s Bar story. It’s not just any old story but it is a story drawn by Skip Williamson and starring the skull of Del Close. Holy Bob, that is just too cool.

For the longest time, before I knew anything about Northwestern University I knew Evanston IL as the place that First Comics was headquartered. I bought all their books mail-order from Westfield Comics, buying Warp and American Flagg! and Grimjack and Mars from their first issues on. When we moved to the Chicago area, we lived in Evanston. We couldn’t have been that far from where the First offices were because Evanston ain’t that big. When I was telecommuting from the startup, I’d periodically go stay in the Lincoln Park office (which was an apartment). I believe I was then about a block from where Del Close lived, which I recall as being across the street from Second City. I remember reading Del’s stories in the back of Grimjack, and in the DC series Wasteland. I thought Del rocked as a writer. I remember his story about being in a bar, watching Betty Thomas accept her Emmy for Hill Street Blues when she thanked him for being her acting coach. He told the bartender “Hey, she just mentioned me” and the bartender cut him off.

This story was great and I’m looking forward to more. Here’s hoping ComicMix is a big success.

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