Tag, You’re It

Over on AmigoFish, this week I implemented tagging. Last night I got autocompletion working. This is not just autocompletion, but the ability to type in a list of values, separated by commas or spaces, and to get the autocompletion on just the last tag in the list. It took a little trickery but I’m really pleased with the outcome. For those of you who are members, log in and take a look (and if you aren’t a member, you should sign up!) At either series or episode views you can add tags and see this spiffiness in action.

There is one tweak I made last night that isn’t live, and that’s how it handles when there is nothing at the end (ie, there is something in the field but the last characters are spaces or commas). Currently, you get a list of numeric things, the very first tags alphabetically. When I push up my tweak, you won’t get any list in this situation, only when there is a sensible value to search on. Let me know what you think, friends and neighbors.

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3 thoughts on “Tag, You’re It”

  1. mike dunn says:

    good addition but seems like the only way to get to them is via an info page and then clicking a tag there – could a tab or search box or cloud be added?

  2. dave says:

    There is a tag cloud available. I haven’t finished fully integrating this into the search. I think I’m going to actually makes the tags themselves ferret searchable, so that when you do a search you’ll be searching on that text in shows, episode and tags. Then I’ll add the set of things tagged with that set of tags. That part is not done yet, although it isn’t rocket surgery or anything. There will be more fleshing out of this.

  3. mike dunn says:

    ahh so – looking forward to it dave…

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