Anti-Snore Pillow

It has been suggested to me that whenever they can bring this pillow that stops snoring to market, I should buy one. OK, I’m convinced. Let me know when it is for sale and I’ll whip out the credit card.

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4 thoughts on “Anti-Snore Pillow”

  1. Dave,

    If you have snoring issues you should see an ENT doc. Whether pillows help depends on where you are snoring from. Many people snore because they have a loose soft palate at the back of their throat that closes up, and no pillow can help with that. An ENT can better determine where your snoring comes from.

    I was a bad snorer and went to an ENT, who determined I might have sleep apnea. I went for a sleep study, and it turned out that I not only had sleep apnea, but my blod oxygen level would drop to 92% every night. I slept fine, but there was a medical issue, which would only get worse as I got older. I now sleep with a CPAP which keeps my airway open all night and I sleep better, as well as have no snoring worries.


  2. I second Rob’s recommendation. My wife demanded I see a doctor because I would stop breathing for a while and then gasp a big gulp of air. I sleep much better with CPAP.

  3. Me too Hugh, I have my sleep study Oct 29. I went to a Pulmonary Dr. Poor sleep can catch up to you and cause daytime sleepiness, trouble concentrating, and even worse heart issues as you get older – who knew?

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